A New Beginning


So I started this blog, if one could call it starting, sometime in 2013. I made one post, then, doubting myself, never continued it. I’ve since then both matured as a gamer and as a person, and feel like giving it another go.

My wargaming inspirations are many, but probably easily in the top 3 is the work of KrautScientist, and his blog, Khornes Eternal Hunt. His emphasis on fluff and context for his miniatures has always fascinated me, and has laid much of the groundwork for my own humble contribution to the 41st Millennium, the planet of Whitefall, and the 1st Whitefall Light Infantry. This blog will focus on 40k proper, Kill-Team, and my occasional dalliance in historical wargaming. I hope that this blog will motivate me to keep painting, and maybe meet some lovely internet denizens along the way.


Of course, this blog will also be full of semi-competent painting, horrible tabletop tactics( my basic strategy consists of fixing bayonets and charging literally everything, and this goes pretty poorly most of the time!). So, now that you know what your getting into, into my first real content!


Yes, thats my attempt at a Vostroyan Company Commander. The Whitefall lads…haven’t aged well and I’m planning on redoing them or cleaning them up before posting them. But the 78th Vostroyan Siege Regiment is my current project. I’m fairly happy with him, even if I’m terrified of edge highlighting! I’ve since touched up his bionic leg. You’ll see him again when I post the full command squad.39390197_267609360731570_3045898357152153600_n(1)

Of course, I’m playing as well. This is far from the 78th’s first outing, but it was the first on camera! This was at a private club I belong to, a great bunch of folks who have definitely made me want to play more! The 78th took to the field with my friends Tank Company, against a seasoned Imperial Guard player fresh from Gen-con. It was a slaughter, but I had a blast nonetheless.39329256_219542155388187_8580505004186533888_n

With the release of Kill-Team, I came to the conclusion that while finely dressed boys in crimson make a stirring sight, they are a bit too flashy for sneaky-beaky work. Enter the 890th Catachan “Rats” Jungle Fighters!catachanjunglerats

They’re a mix of the brilliant command squad box, and the….less then brilliant Jungle Fighters box. But, they don’t look “thin your paints” terrible, and will do the job of blowing up generators and stuff all while being extremely 80’s about it.

Anyways, thats it for now! feel free to comment on how awful my painting is, or just even to say hi! This time, I feel like I’m going to continue! Till next time, Ave Imperator!

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