A wee bit of assembly!


Just a small update today, as work was pretty tiring and I need a day to recharge the hobby batteries. But, as I came home yesterday night, a package awaited me.

The big dude on the left needs no introduction to veteran Guard players, but is Gunnery Sergeant “Stonetooth” Harker. 100% grade A catachan badass. If I ever do decide to take my catachans to a 40k playable scale, he’s a damn good buy and a source of rare rerolls in the codex.

The other fellow is a finecast Lord Commissar. I’ve always loved the look of this model, but Finecast is a materiel that on release soured me against it so badly I barely ever buy any if I have the choice. But, it has gotten a load better. This model came pretty much ready to go! A good scrub with dawn and the mold release was gone, and he went together in a jiffy.

Looking forward to fielding them both in the near future!

As always, Ave Imperator!

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