Kill Team Battle Report: Take Prisoners!

Table was full of cover and had lots of levels, made for a very fun and tense game.

I managed to squeak in a game of Kill-Team at the Clubhouse yesterday, versus a Tau kill-team. We rolled for the mission after selecting our Kill-Team, and we ended up with Take Prisoners, which didn’t seem so bad until we read more about it. Turns out, being within 1 inch of an enemy to capture them means you’ll have to be in combat! I had 2 guys kitted out for melee, but they were still just Guardsmen, but my opponent was Tau, famously known for their lack of combat prowess.

I put my sniper here, but was charged turn one! He managed to hold out for 3 or 4 turns, without dying or falling off, and taking the Drone out before he was taken out of action!

What followed was a tense but hilarious series of events, involving the Tau charging into combat to avoid my readied guns, which was a good call for them since I managed to keep initiative for 5 out of the 6 game rounds! My sniper got immediately charged by his Stealth Suit leader, and a Drone, while my forces advanced in two separate groups, hoping to take at least a few prisoner! My opponent garrisoned a tower with an Ion Rifle, his Comms specialist and a gun Drone, forcing me to come to him.

Trying to sneak up on the garrisoned tower, they eventually did get there.

Knowing my Scions could be a pain in the butt, my opponent felled them early, but not before my Hot-Shot volley gun claimed 2 breachers in one round of shooting. They fell shortly after, depriving me of my plasma pistol and power sword Tempestor, a loss I keenly felt later as the battle became a knife fight.

My sniper refused to yield in true Catachan fashion, and didn’t fall off the ledge either, keeping two of my opponents very dangerous models quite busy.

His remaining breacher charged into my readied Grenade Launcher, and my sergeant went to aid him.

Sorry for the blurry picture! My hands tend to shake pretty badly after a day of work!

The launcher didn’t survive, but did manage to take out the breacher. A Stealth Suit engaged my two Guardsmen in hand to hand, managing to kill my Sergeant! This was the beginning of the end, as my casualties mounted.

My force ended up broken, and with both my high leadership models out of action, they didn’t stand a chance.

Having charged to get up there, the enemy counter-charged my fellow below. This fight didn’t end before the game did, and was my best chance at securing victory. When it fell through, the loss followed shortly after.

The game ended 1-0 in my opponents favor, a close game that went to all 6 turns. It was still a great time, and I’m learning the strengths and weaknesses of my list. As much as I loathe to admit it, I might need to build another Special Weapons gunner to add some firepower!

I’ll get you next time you Xeno Scum! But, that is all for now. Ave Imperator!

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