A hobby weekend!

This past weekend, I had my friend from Toronto visiting! Mostly, we assembled miniatures, as he had purchased two forgeworld Armageddon Pattern Basilisks, which turned out to be the actual worst kit I've ever had the misfortune to work on! Luckily, we powered through and got them done. But, he had been wanting to try … Continue reading A hobby weekend!

To battle, Sons of Durin!

As I mentioned in my last post, I did a joint Forge-World order with a friend recently. Weirdly, and something I didn't expect, I didn't actually want anything 40k related at the time, as I felt I had everything my army could possibly use. That left Lord of the Rings. Now, as a massive fan … Continue reading To battle, Sons of Durin!

Into the Mines!

So its been a while! I've found myself with more time off, and the Clubhouse is letting me run a demo game for the Middle Earth SBG! I've always found the easiest and most fun scenario to learn with is Balin's Tomb, from the fellowship, as you get your heroes fighting impossible odds, and almost … Continue reading Into the Mines!

A Sword Day! A Red Day! Ere the sun Rises!

Today was a good day. Theoden's riders rode through the night to my local gaming store,(although, local for me in my rural area means an hour and a bit, roughly!) The Giddy Goblin in Hanover, Ontario, and delivered the Pelennor Fields box-set! Unfortunately, in a situation happening globally, demand has outstripped supply, and while most … Continue reading A Sword Day! A Red Day! Ere the sun Rises!