I am the Law and the Lash!


Just a quick little update today, work really kicked my butt and drained my hobby reserves, but the next few days should be fruitful, and I will post quite a bit in the following few days. But, as you can see, I got the old 1995 era Commissar painted up!

A nice easy model, but with amazing detail and sharp features that took to a wash well. Have to say, easily one of my favorite Commissar models now! Really shows just how good these old sculpts are.

The air of menace this model has is great, you wouldn’t want to retreat before this guy!

Alas, this will be the last 40k stuff for a little while. With Pelennor Fields dropping tomorrow, and my club giving me a chance to run a demo game, I’m going to be busy painting and building mostly Middle Earth miniatures in preparation.

Until next time, Ave Imperator!

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