The Backlog goes on and on…

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post; I have been quite a busy beaver! My friend and I did a joint Forge World order a while ago, and he came bearing many kits, as he had also been downtown Toronto to Meeplemart, a large gaming store, where he picked up even more stuff to add to our mutual backlog! Among the Forge-World goodies was a surprise.


My friend decided to get me an Arvus Lighter as a present, an unexpected but altogether welcome gift! The kit is entirely resin, and if I’m not mistaken, an older kit of theirs, from around the Anphellion Project release many, many moons ago. I’d always wanted one, even when their rules left a lot to be desired, and my friend must have remembered me saying so! As with all of the Forge-World kits, I set to work on the usual steps; Wash with dish soap, use boiling water to realign pieces, and in this instance, paint the model in sections so I could do the interior.

A little bath, to get all that nasty release agent off! I recommend doing this step, even if you feel like you don’t have to; It prevents a lot of headaches down the road.
After the bath, I cleaned up and trimmed the pieces.
Before applying the first coats of paint, I assembled what I could into sub assemblies.

The kit wasn’t super easy to work with, and needed some work, but I have had far worse trouble with Forge-World kits then this, so after about an evening, I was ready to prime it. I went with Army Painter Army Green, a nice olive-drabish color I’ve used on all my flyers so far. Fluff-wise I imagine the Arvus is a utility vehicle for the rest of the Squadron, and while it has been retrofitted with Auto-cannons for defense, its mainly a logistical workhorse and impromptu assault craft, so I didn’t want it to be too flashy.


Priming done! I also found 2 Taurox Autocannons, and primed them too. Haven’t actually found a place to put them though!

I did a simple job on the inside of the crew compartment, as you won’t be able to see most of it, I focused on what is easily visible; the decking on the floor and the ceiling lights. Once that was done I assembled the kit, then did the cockpit. I found that the cockpit sits tightly without glue, so I have left it unglued for now until I decide that I’m done.

I went very heavy on weathering, I wanted this to look very weather-beaten and worn out, as befits the nature of the vehicle.
Simple red wing panels tie the Arvus into the overall livery of the Squadron I’ve made.

While it is now in a game-able state, I hesitate to call it done! It still needs a lot of touching up and detailing, but I can hammer at that when I feel like it. I’m very chuffed with the kit, and it was a fantastic gift from a very good friend, and will look amazing on the tabletop and in my display cabinet! I have even lucked out on the gaming front; While in previous editions it was fairly lacklustre, its new rules make it quite a threat, dropping via deep-strike, deploying its cargo, then presumably going out in a blaze of glory. This might allow me to drop my Scions into melta range turn-2!

Anyways, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and Ave Imperator!

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