Noble Sons of Vostroya!

A little bit of progress this week, and getting back to my Vostroyans, an army I adore, love painting, but just have so…many of them it is difficult sometimes to get the motivation to paint them all!

Luckily, I managed to power through most of the line officers, leaving only Commissariat and Fleet officers left, of which I have the Lord Commissar done, so my HQ section for this list is done!

These guys were a royal pain in the butt to acquire, but having the ability to issue more orders is never a bad thing!


And I replaced the grenade launcher in the Command Squad with a sniper; maybe not the best list building option, but I really like the model!

It has also occurred to me just how much of a task lies before me, as I have 8 infantry squads and 2 heavy weapon squads to do as well! While they all might be metal and covered in bling, they are still a horde army…no time for anything too fancy, got to get them painted and on the table! I’ve got the idea to do them a squad at a time, as 8 days worth of painting seems a lot more doable then 80!


Of course, as with any Guard player worth their salt, I do have a few armored vehicles to paint up as well to go with them. 2 Wyverns, 2 Basilisks, and a Hellhound to burn out any stiff opposition.  So, best to get cracking!

I’ll see you folks in the next one, and as always, Ave Imperator!

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