Bolter Drill and Other Shenanigans

It has been a busy few days. My friend in the city hosted a hobby day, and even drove 2 hours to pick me up so I could attend! He has procured a 4×6 gaming table and mat, and was eager to try it out. We played a small game the day I arrived, and boy, was it an interesting match-up. 1250 points, my small Guard force versus Knight Commander Pask and as many Russ’s he could bring.

As well, we stopped at a hobby store in Barrie, and managed to grab the old Munitorum dice pack; as luck would have it, my lasgun power pack is labeled as being from Vostroya! The servo-skull dice holders are going to be turned into objective markers, an unoriginal idea to be sure, but one that works quite well. I will put my own spin on it, hopefully making them stand out.


But possibly the most useful item acquired from my trip to the city was at last, a pin-vise. Such a small tool, but I can finally pin my models, as well as drill out bolters. I’ve always been afraid of doing so, but I just put that out of my mind and tried it out on my new Chaos Marines.

For the most part, I didn’t need to worry! Most of the models came out great, with only one muzzle being wrecked in the process. I’m going to model that as battle damage on that model, as repairing it could be quite difficult. Despite that little mistake, I’m quite happy with the results.

A much shorter post then usual, but I’m waiting for some interesting stuff in the mail to showcase, and I’m also battling the onset symptoms of new medication that makes me quite unsteady. But until next time, Ave Imperator, and happy war-gaming!

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