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A bit of a development on the Praetorian front…Whilst they were originally supposed to be just a loyal 32, that idea was shelved pretty sharpish as I fell head over heels for the models. In a move that most saw coming as I never used the blasted things, my languishing Imperial Knights were sold off, to fund, yes, you got it, more Praetorians. I will never be able to run them as infantry heavy as my Vostroyans, the supply just isn’t there. But what, then, to run them as?

Gone to serve the Emperor in my friends sector of space; May they find better service in the hands of less negligent masters.

The Vigilus Campaign book, Vigilus Defiant, offered a solution in the form the Emperor’s Blade Assault Company; A hard-hitting, fast moving main line of infantry in transports, either in the classic Chimera…or the less then great looking Taurox, backed up by a separate detachment of tanks, using the same regiment as I use to support my Vostroyans, the Pardus Armoured. My Praetorian infantry, all 44 of them, would be used as Mordians for the purposes of the Regimental Doctrine, as this is both fitting to the models heritage, but also the Praetorian lore of them being stubborn men, fighting in immaculate uniforms, in tightly drilled formations. The stratagems in the detachment also encourage an in your face play-style, radically different then my Vostroyan gun-line; with vehicles being able to overwatch even if they were not the target, and to hit on 4’s instead of 6’s while doing so, which apparently stacks with Mordian vehicles hitting on 5’s in overwatch, leading to my transports hitting on 3’s, better then their normal ballistic skill, in the opponents charge phase. I quickly came to the conclusion(perhaps wrongly, if anyone has any ideas on this, please comment!) that while the Taurox is ugly to say the least, it has dual autocannons and the potential for a heavy stubber, for more firepower then a multilaser and heavy flamers on the Chimera. In total, the list would have 2 Chimeras, 4 Tauroxes, 3 Leman Russ Tank Commanders, and a Baneblade. A solid list, I think.

The MRAP of 40k, looking way sillier with its cute widdle track units…
Luckily, thanks to Victoria Miniatures, I won’t have to suffer looking at said track units. I’ll be ordering 6 sets of these when the Praetorians get the green light to get started!

With my plan made, and the majority of the Praetorians on the way from distant lands, I decided I needed to do one test figure; and I got hung up on the silliest detail…regimental facings. You see, in the 18/19th century, uniforms had two colors, the obvious one on the outside, and one you’d only see when you turned back the cuffs. These “facings” differed wildly depending on the country, with some having entire branches of the military having the same facings, or in the British example, whatever the founding Colonel thought was a color suitable. I imagine that, even in the 41st Millennium, that more formal regiments follow this idea; You see even the disciplined Mordian Iron Guard in differing uniforms, the Vostroyans with different color turn-backs. I imagine that the Praetorians follow this anachronism as well. The original Praetorians, the 24th Regiment, had dark blue facings and trousers, a quite striking combination that has been emulated quite often. Some others have gone for tan uniforms, some for green uniforms. But the facing colors have always been there, and always a different color. Making mine different was important to me, but it seemed all the good colors had been done already.

13046_md-2nd Edition, Imperial Guard, Praetorians, White Dwarf
As you can see in this spread, the facing color is a dark navy blue, with the same color used on the pants as well.
As you can see on my Vostroyan Company Commander, he has “Buff” or cream colored facings; I didn’t give much thought of that when doing these guys, but I did keep it consistent across the army.

In the end, I settled on a light grey, more specifically Ash Grey from the Army Painter line of paints. I figured if it really didn’t look good stripping them would be easy as they are metal. So, here is a member of the 90th Praetorian Dragoons, a mechanized regiment.

This guy was a blast to paint, as it almost painted itself. The crisp detail was a nice feature of these older metal models. He has a wood-stocked lasgun, grey facings, and the traditional Praetorian red-coat and black boots. The webbing colors I did in class Zulu-era white, as it really pops!
Quite fantastic facial hair on this guy. I feel he’s too cool to just be a normal Guardsmen, so he may get corporal stripes from my Bolt Action transfer sheets!
The wash really defines the crisp detail, and is a massive time saver. It also dulls it down, but with me watching the wash and preventing it from pooling, it leaves the model looking rather clean, but still detailed.

It was actually quite an easy paint job, a little under an hour. My whole methodology is that basic troopers get very little time, and I figure I can batch paint these guys to this standard in 2-3 hours in groups of 10. Easy to do, if a little flat looking. I can always go back and try highlighting if my hand-tremors will allow me! Any comments on the colors are welcome and appreciated!

But, that is all I have for you lovely people today, so as always, Ave Imperator, and happy war-gaming, wherever in the world you are from!

11 thoughts on “About Face!(ings)

  1. When I get those Knights cleaned up and painted, I will have to post them for you. My airbrush is going to get workout on them.


  2. Looks great! It’s awesome to see an army like the praetorians being used as it’s not seen that often anymore. They have such a great look to them! Also the wheels you found really save that vehicle lol

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    1. Yeah I love collecting older Guard regiments; it’s not that I think Cadians are awful, it’s just nice to variety to the tabletop! And yeah the Taurox looks a million times better with wheels doesn’t it!

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  3. Excellent. I thought Alex (from leadballoony) and myself were the last of our kind who still waved the flag for the Praetorian Guard. He looks great man you’ve done very well with him. As I started reading I was going to suggest the wheels from Vic Minis but I see you’re all over it. She does some great Prae-Guard minis too. Just this year I’ve painted up a whole bunch and I’m slowly going to add to the armybwith original GW minis too. I’ve always loved Zulu. I found you through Wudugasts page and I’m glad I did. I look forward to seeing this army develop. 👍🏼 Cheers. IRO

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    1. Thanks, your too kind. The Praetorians I think were meant to be; I found a hell of a deal on a good start, and it was all downhill from there. The main force will be the original Praetorians, but I have 20 of Victoria Miniatures “Victorian Guard” that will get repurposed in 95th Rifles green, probably acting as some sort of veteran squad. And hell yeah these guys were definitely purchased after an ill-advised watch of Zulu…a bad idea if your trying not to buy a long OOP range of stellar miniatures. Sorry to disappoint you, but for the next little bit it’s going to be Vostroyans for a while since I have a tournament coming up, but I’m sure some cheeky Space-Brits will show up! Thanks for commenting! I’m doing a deep-dive of your blog so expect a few comments going your way. Cheers from Canada!

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      1. Awww man are you in my head. I’ve just bought some 95th rifle type heads for a specialised unit of guardsman for the Prae-Guard. Here I was thinking I was unique haha. I hope you like what I’ve done with my Guard. There’s a couple of battle reports you might like too

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      2. Yeah I’ve heard that. Most historical shows aren’t 100% accurate. Braveheart for example. I find historical movies like Star Wars pretty spot on though 😉👍🏼


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