Into the Hulk: An attempt at Zone Mortalis in 8th Edition

2x Space Hulk sets, some Kill-Team scatter terrain, and 2 50 Power Level Armies. What could go wrong?

At the Clubhouse, Myself and a few others have been running a narrative campaign, based around a star system of our own devising, the Alatheian Abyss. Round one of the campaign was a success for everyone, and going into round 2 we decided to shake things up a bit, at least on this one mission.

The idea was fairly simple; Adapt what we liked best from the Zone Mortalis 7th edition rules, and use the Space Hulk tiles to make a massive 6×4 ship interior. The objective was a Blood Angels relic deep within the ship, with 2 consoles activating a random elevator to one of two secondary floors, one which controlled all the doors and one that contained the objective. We ruled that you couldn’t deep strike into the alternate floors, and that any units that didn’t fit in your deployment zone could be deployed via boarding torpedoes. A third party faction, using Chaos Space Marine rules but representing feral crewman and astartes that have been on the ship for 300+ years, was played via a GM, in our case, Paul, the guy who owns and operates the clubhouse.

The map at the end of deployment; The much smaller Blood Angels army consisted of smaller, elite units, while mine contained 2 ten man squads of Chosen. This decision to take bigger squads bit me in the butt quite hard later!
Intercessors breaching and clearing a room!
The Aggressors tore a bloody swathe through my army; I had no answer for such firepower in a closed in space.
The end of one of my Chosen Squads…caught between a rock and a hard place.
Eliminators arrive via Boarding Torpedo, and make for the console located in the adjacent room!
My large units made maneuvering quite difficult, and slow. The blood angels were able to cover much more ground more quickly, while the bulk of my force navigated the deployment zone…
The cultists kept up a steady retreat, leaving my slow Terminators in the dust. As a Khornate Warband, this probably drove them absolutely mad!
A lucky pull saw the Blood Angels correctly activate both the elevator and correct console, and they completed the Objective. An almost complete blow-out, but a well played game on her side, and I can’t begrudge that

Our campaign at the time had 4 players, so while we were playing this game, a force of Imperial Fists and PDF forces were guarding a shrine from the vile forces of Slannesh. A closely fought game, with a resulting draw. The Fists and PDF made off with the Shrines relic, a forgotten Baneblade, while Slannesh successfully drove them off and defiled what was left of the shrine. As I was busy playing my game, these pictures were kindly donated by a few individuals watching the game!

A blast all round, and we have roped in another player to join with his beautifully painted Genestealer Cults army! There will be more missions being made and played over the next few weeks, and I intend to showcase the really crazy missions being planned, one being a Lab raid and an underground battle between my Skulltakers and the Genestealer Cult!

But until then, Ave Imperator, and happy wargaming, where-ever you may be!


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