A Blogging Update: What I’ve been up to!

Hello there! Lately, I’ve gained through either blind luck and timing or sheer serendipity a staggering amount of views lately. I’ve even finally broken the ten subscriber wall, and honestly? It is really nice! I never intend to make money off this blog, or to publish anything I have zero interest in.

I’ve heard of a global audience, but this was crazy to see! Thank you everyone! Sweden, I don’t know what I did but I promise to buy more Ikea.

This was actually a blog I “started” in college for my Print(Oh, yeah, that didn’t exactly work out) Journalism diploma. After realizing that career path didn’t have long term legs, I scrapped it. However, some of the writing and interviewing(more on that later) skills I learned I didn’t want to lose, and a couple of years ago I decided to start this blog again. And it will remain a space for me to post my own, personal projects.

However, last year I was asked to help write for a venture my local Clubhouse had started, a website and multi-media project called Badly Painted Minis. This I was happy to do, and I was initially brought as pretty much a writing guy; I post the things, maybe cross post from here occasionally, and basically help add content. It took a lot of time to launch, and it did so a few weeks ago.

However, I now find myself as pretty much the head website guy, based primarily around my knowledge, however limited it may be, of the WordPress platform. I’m also the Editor, a grandiose title that means effectively herding several nerds around to write things I think may work; They are worse then cats!

Daisy would know. She’s a cat.

Of course, I say that affectionately. The Badly Painted Minis team are a great bunch of folks, and we are all gunning to make it succeed in the ways we know how; We have as well a Podcast Team and a Battle Report Team. We are all just a bunch of crazy nerds with delusions of grandeur, a spring in our step, and stars in our eyes.

What does this mean for this site? Let’s get this out of the way. Absolutely nothing will change, I will post here whenever I want, and while I might occasionally cross-post an article from here to the Badly Painted Minis site, it won’t be done all the time. My focus here is on what I personally find fun; Games that may not be Clubhouse staples, or are games I play in the Big City with my group of friends there. I also like to wax philosophical on a lot of stuff mainline audiences will be bored to tears over. And I want to maintain that creative safe-space.

So for those of you who like my content, feel free to check out my content over at my other hangout, https://badlypaintedminis.ca.

I absolutely did not draw this. I can craft a sentence, not a work of art. For more of that, come visit the other site!

Of course, you don’t have to. This isn’t meant to be entirely a shill for the other site (It, of course, is, but hey) but merely to let you know that you can find more of my nonsensical ramblings elsewhere on the world wide web. There are also other writers, and tutorials, and even Fanfiction to peruse at your leisure. If you choose to instead stay here? No worries, pull out your pipe, fine Virginia leaf and a good scotch and I will aim to keep you entertained.

I will keep to my schedule of posting whenever the mood strikes me, as scattershot as a hunter’s shotgun.

Now, I did mention I had interview experience? I decided last week to give that a try again, and last Sunday I conducted an interview with “Uncle” Atom of Tabletop Minions(apparently he is not actually an Uncle, the scoundrel!) We talked about how he got into the hobby, skirmish war-gaming, and how the industry might evolve given the global pandemic. Oh, and I ask him about the Fez. That’s important.

As you guys are fans of this page, I felt the need to give you a heads-up. It goes live at 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time, today, on Badly Painted Minis. It is in Podcast format, runs for about an hour, and went reasonably well as one could expect a relative amateur to do; I have much to learn.

Hear that Yuri? Someone thinks they are getting pretty important. Better send him to clear Anomalies with his face, right Comrade?

The last few months have been a roller coaster; I’ve been a lot more active on Facebook, doing self promotion, something I hesitated to do in the past. However, my primary aim remains the same; I simply want people to read my ramblings, so that I am engaging in conversations, not yelling at the clouds, be they as interesting as they may. I’ve talked to some cool people on Facebook, getting over my anxiety of talking to people online.

There will be more Zona Alfa, Team Yankee, 40k and more on the way, all on this site. I’d like to thank anyone who has stuck with me so far, all the new folks I’ve picked up in recent weeks, and those who just now found this page somehow through the wonders of the internet. I promise you that just because I write in two places now, that the content here will not suffer for it.

I hope to see you on the other site and here as well, and for now, Happy War-gaming wherever in the world you might be! The best is yet to come!






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