My Kingdom for a Truck! Next Episode of the Podcast is out! In this episode we discuss our lack of vehicles outside of armoured ones, and our newest completed units and where we intend to go next. We also discuss some other games we are keen on trying, namely Oathmark and Shakos and Bayonets. I hope you enjoy!

VBCW – The Canadian Volunteers First Squad Musters

My friends post on his Albertine forces is live! Go check it out for more VBCW goodness!

Hussars & Handgrenades

This afternoon was very productive! I was able to get the shade on the squad previewed the other day and I was able to get the first episode of my new podcast I am making with Andrew recorded, edited, and uploaded.

I can now say with much excitement that the first squad of the Canadian Volunteer regiment is complete!

First Squad of the Canadian Volunteer regiment with its general out front and the flag bearer taking up the rear!

On the right is a close up of the General and the left is the Flag Bearer

On the right is the NCO and the left is the bomber

Back and front of a riflemen in a shooting pose

The back and front of two riflemen in action positions

I had a lot of fun finally getting a squad fully painted. For next week I plan to finish the famous Blue…

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