Tenacious and Versatile: 28mm Modern Canadian Infantry for Zona Alfa and Beyond!

Digital camo is hard to paint and hard to photograph!

I’ve talked at length before about doing a Canadian Zona Alfa campaign, but the first step in actually doing so is to paint some models. I’ve been holding off on these Canadian soldiers I got a while back, but today seemed as good a day as any to knock them out. A note; these are from Full Battle Rattle Miniatures, here in Canada! Great models with the notable exception of their front sight posts, which are very fragile…and have not survived storage or being mailed to me. It is my only gripe with the models.

I’ve done them in Multi-Terrain Cadpat, a new camo pattern being rolled out this year. It means they are far less green then the old Cadpat.

These soldiers will be doing multiple jobs. Chiefly, they are for my Canadian Zone based around the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Tiverton, not far from me at all, where they will be the primary neutral faction, trying to keep the peace in the Zone.

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I don’t need to make Letterkenny jokes. My friends and I live in Letterkenny land.

Secondly, they can serve in my Chernobyl based adventures, based on some real life ideas and some fictional extensions of said ideas. Currently, Canada is training the Ukrainian military as part of Operation Unifier. I’ve extrapolated an idea based on if the Zone from STALKER was real; If Canadian troops were deployed on training duty, it would make sense in turn for the Ukrainians to train us in Zone warfare. As such, small teams of Canadian soldiers serve as patrols, which also allows the Ukrainians in this timeline to move more forces to the contested Donbass region. These ‘Canadian Stalkers’ are the first of their kind, at least officially, and will serve in the Canadian Zone as veterans because of this.

More on Operation Unifier here!

Lastly, in a topic I have yet to do on this blog, is Spectre Operations. Spectre Operations is a modern, and very realistic, 28mm wargame. No pick-up games here, as every mission is a scenario. These Canadians can easily fight in that arena too, although they are on slightly too big bases to be a perfect match. They will be a good match for the literal 50+ Taliban models I own.

Lets have a look at them!

The section leader, armed with a C8 carbine. Unfortunately the model is missing it’s front sight post.
While the face is blurry, the camo is easier to see here. Doing digital camo at 28mm is more about giving the impression of it, not doing it wholesale. They don’t look half bad!
The sapper with his “anomaly detector”…yeah its a minesweeper. But, it works!
and a brighter picture of his camo. Its a subtle effect, and it was further dulled by a wash. Pictures really fail to show it properly.
The C6 gunner. The Zones many beasties means the high-caliber zip of 7.62 NATO is much appreciated.
The camo was actually fairly easy to paint…it just photographs incredibly poorly.
The radioman, calling in a sitrep. This model was the hardest to photograph, and it shows.
Still, its a great pose! Adds a lot of character to this patrol.

All in all, another solid evenings work. I have a job that starts on the 28th of June that will seriously cut into my hobby time, so I’m getting as much done before then as I can.

I have lots more of these Canadian soldiers in my ‘to do’ pile, and with how easy I found the camo to paint I can probably get quite a few done. I don’t actually need all that many for the Canadian Zone project, but having more then you need hurts nothing but your wallet. Might be time to pick up that LAV III that Full Battle Rattle makes to cart these guys around.

For Spectre Operations I have a lot of ‘Opfor’ that need painting. As those models aren’t useful for much else then modern wargaming, I’ll have to consider my time carefully before I start on them…but my buddy Ty does have a large set of Middle Eastern terrain to fight over, so there is that.

For now, and for real this time, that is all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed this! Happy War-gaming wherever you are, and stay frosty eh!

4 thoughts on “Tenacious and Versatile: 28mm Modern Canadian Infantry for Zona Alfa and Beyond!

    1. Oh goodness I’m trying to jog my memory but I never wrote down the colours. I know I used English Uniform as a base, with Vallejo colours over it.

      Although, I’ve since gotten a job in a place serving Canadian servicemen. The uniform colour I’ve done holds up OKAY but is a bit too brown. And the newer pattern I based it on is much brighter in reality.


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