Status of the Blog: It’s not going anywhere!

Steady! Steady! The Blog isn’t in danger comrades!

Good evening all!

It has been a while since my last post, but not to worry, I’ve just been busy with medical appointments. I’m not a particularly healthy person! I literally forgot where I was and what I was doing in the middle of the town I live in, which was very scary.

But blogging has been a great outlet for creative energy, and is helping to keep my memory intact and my brain working.

But that is not the only reason I am posting today!

My tank-line holds the ridge against the foul Death Guard.

Games Workshop has updated their IP policy recently, just in time for a recent resurgence of hobby activity on my end for Warhammer 40k. Honestly, not much of it affects my blog, and I’m far too small a fish to fry. But in an abundance of caution, I will be using entirely my own models for photos, and no longer using the copyrighted images that I sometimes did before. As well, any small fictional snippets will be from my own writing from now on. Hooray for fanfiction!

I’m still 3D printing conversion parts for my models; I have a printer and I’m going to use it. Luckily I haven’t printed 1 to 1 copies of anything so I shouldn’t suffer the banhammer on that end either.

Taking back the swamp, with what’s left of the 78th Siege Regiments troops.

Aside from Games Workshop, I also have run into the problem of storage space on WordPress. To be frank, I need to upgrade to a tier I never expected to hit, and it might be a financial challenge. But it will be worth it, and I will do so in the coming weeks. I have no intention of adding advertisements to my blog, and that will not change. This is for fun, not profit. It also keeps the GW lawyers away; It means I can post Fan-Fiction and Fan-Art without any problems.

I have a couple massive projects I’m working on, and as a teaser one is ANZAC themed Gallipoli style Imperial Guard!

Thanks for bearing with me, and if you’ve read this far, thank you.

Happy Wargaming wherever you are! And I hope to provide you quality content for years to come!

4 thoughts on “Status of the Blog: It’s not going anywhere!

  1. Sorry to hear about your health troubles- they sound serious. From one unhealthy person to another always put your health first.

    Love the tank shots though.




    1. I appreciate the concern! It’s something I’m being diligent about addressing, so hopefully it gets ‘fixed’ before it gets any worse.

      Oh, and there will be some more tank shots soon! 40k does seem to have a way of forcing its way to the centre of my attention.


    1. Just a tightening up of their IP law. Personally it’ll barely affect my work with the exception of some alterations to how I write my 40K posts(no copyrighted pictures or text from novels or sourcebooks).

      But it’s really hitting fan-animations hard. It’s the risk people take when playing in the big kids sandbox, but it does feel heavy handed. I’ll let someone with more experience with Law to explain it, but needless to say it’s pissed a lot people.

      Me? Not so much. Maybe I’m cynical but I expected such a move after announcing Warhammer +.

      I use third party components and play at a local club so honestly I’m immune to most of the outrage. I get why people are mad, and I sympathize, but I can’t get overly mad myself.


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