Swallowing Dust, Again: Chernarussian Peacekeepers!

For my second post of the day, I present some Chernarussian Peacekeepers, working in Takistan. Being from a neighboring country in the Green Sea Region(a fictional region, somewhere in the Black Sea, from Arma 3), and one that has previously invaded Takistan, the Chernarussians are viewed with a level of distrust by the local inhabitants.

I based the Chernarussians on the Ukrainian Army, pre-invasion of the Crimea. They have antiquated Soviet kit, camouflage not suited to the arid environment, and the Panamanka hat, in UN Blue. They have eschewed the UN badge for a national symbol, the Yellow Star of Chernarus.

I used the Eureka Miniatures Soviets range to get that look, and I’m happy with the result. They matched pretty close to what I imagined in my head.

The only thing I’m not happy with is how subtle the camouflage is, and the camera kills any hope of seeing it properly. I’m willing to listen to advice here!

The first 5. Armed with the old but trusty AK-74, they should be the equal of any foe they fight.
The next 5 have both an SVD and RPG-7 in their ranks, granting the squad both subtle and heavy-handed options in a fight.
Fear the old man in a trade where men die young; This old Sergeant has fought in many battles, and lends his skill to the younger men in his squad.
The RPK, a solid LMG…unless you try to go prone! Still, the firepower is handy in Spectre.
The Grenade Launcher, king of the Spectre Operations battlefield! This Grenadier will be very useful indeed.
A bog-standard infantrymen, but one packing a RPG-26. Very helpful when armoured vehicles and technicals are in play.
Another infantrymen. The Panamanka Hats were a blast to paint.
The test model, and my second in command in the squad. A very good pose, but one that is hard to take a picture of.
Ah, an RPG-7. The standard that all others are compared to.
The AK-74 might be long in the tooth, but honestly its an effective weapon, so why change it?
Another great pose. The Eureka models are full of character.
Ah, the SVD. The model arrived almost broken at the barrel tip, so I used a lot of superglue to reinforce it. I then painted over that. It’s not perfect, but it shouldn’t break too easily. The Sniper will allow me to pick off machineguns and grenade launchers before they mess with my team.

These peacekeepers offer a new angle to our Spectre Operations battles. With a stricter ROE, they can’t just open fire on clearly hostile forces until fired upon. With Chernarussia’s history, having invaded Takistan as part of the Soviet Union in the 80’s, the locals naturally distrust them. For their part, the Chernarussians vary wildly in quality, as corrupt officials don’t always send the best to Takistan. Howerver, a certain esprit de corps has developed, and for the most part the Chernarussians are out to do the job, and do it right.

Along with my friends Japanese United Nations forces, the UN contingent in Takistan is getting truly impressive…now to work on their enemies.

That is all I have for today. Check back again soon, and I should have some more interesting models on the painting table. Happy Wargaming wherever you are, and have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Swallowing Dust, Again: Chernarussian Peacekeepers!

    1. Thank you! Your modern project log and blog in general really got me excited to get my stuff on the painting desk.

      Eureka does great stuff! I’ve been eying their Aden range to make a good Mercenary group out of.


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