Brave New World: A Fresh Look for the Blog!

Welcome to the newly revamped Not By Strength, by Guile! I have finally done that website upgrade I had been planning for almost a year, and the website now has a fresh new look. The old theme I was using was a decade old, and not very modern. This new site lets me do so much more!

What is new? Not much, other then some small quality of life changes for the site. I also made the site load blog posts as excerpts, not full posts, which helps with readability. If you don’t like this lemme know, I might just change it back depending on feedback. While I now have the option to, I will not be running Ads. No one likes them, everyone uses AdBlock, and while the site is expensive yearly now, I don’t need to monetize the site heavily to make up for it.

I have however added the option to give me a donation! While I don’t expect much, any donation recieved will be used to either help with site upkeep, buy snacks, or to buy miniatures for the site to cover. I don’t need donations by any means, so feel free to ignore this part; you will still get great posts as often as I can put them out!

I hope you like the changes, and as always, Happy Wargaming wherever you are, and have a wonderful day!

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