Crossing the Chindwin: Chindits for Bolt Action/Konflikt!

Ready for battle in the steaming jungles of South-East Asia.

The Chindits, a unit that has continuously caused debate about their usefulness from their inception to the modern day. High casualty rates, inconsistent orders, and simply being asked to do too much took their toll on the force. But none can dispute their bravery; four members were awarded the Victoria Cross!

Despite their reputation, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Chindits. When it looked like Konflikt 47 might start back up at my local club, I wanted a British force that could fight the Japanese without looking too out of place. Conveniently, the stuff I bought to play such a force can easily be fielded in Bolt Action by simply leaving out the weirder or anachronistic stuff, of which I don’t actually own yet!

Many companies produce models for Chindits, but I went with Warlord Games out of familiarity, but it was a decision I’m regretting now. The Chindit line was part of the original Bolt Action miniatures(a separate company at the time) line-up, and have been in constant production ever since Warlord picked them up. It shows, the Lee-Enfields especially looking rather dated. My Boys Anti-Tank rifle came with a broken magazine and bipod, and it is in no shape to show off yet. One Chindit’s M1 Carbine was broken beyond repair, and I converted the model to carry a Thompson instead.

Still, they have some upsides. The face’s are especially characterful, with deep and interesting detail, and the price at the time I got them from a small store in Quebec was just right.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we? I apologize now for the lighting not being great. I need to invest in a lightbox, and soon.

The first Chindit, in this case the NCO with the Thompson. He is wearing what looks to be a sweater, an interesting choice for the jungle! Still, a cool looking model.
A Chindit charging with his bayonet fixed. The Lee-Enfields are simply dire in this set, and Warlord can and has done better since.
The Bren Gun assistant cycles the bolt on his rifle. The webbing detail was nice and crisp, but from this angle its almost impossible to see it. The pose is great, but hard to photograph.
A Chindit at the ready. Thejungle green’ uniform was fun to paint. I’m not sure if its a perfect colour match, but fading and different suppliers would make them inconsistent in colour anyways.
This Chindit was particularly fun to paint, with excellent detail…besides the deplorable Lee Enfield.
Ah, this Chindit was originally armed with an M1 Carbine, but the thin and fragile barrel was nowhere to be seen in the blister. He got a plastic M1A1 Thompson as a replacement. The stock had to go, and this is actually incorrect as the M1A1 had a non-removable stock! Still, it is one of the better looking weapons in the section.
The tommy gun Chindit also has an interesting souvenir, a Japanese katana! This is a neat and characterful detail, a nice touch by the sculptor.
Finally, a Chindit without a Slouch Hat. You can actually see the face, and the detail is great. It took the wash really well. With such crisp detail there, I wonder why the Lee Enfields suffered in that regard.
This Chindit is ready to fire at some Japanese, potentially from ambush…
…and also has a detailed and interesting face!
This Chindit is lobbing a Mills Bomb at the foe. This Enfield is probably the worst of the bunch!
Ah yes, the Bren Gun. Don’t leave home without one! The Bren has great detail, and is probably my favourite weapon of the bunch.

That is all of them, at least from the Section I bought. I still have loads of weapon teams, officers, characters, and even a flamethrower! I ran out of primer though, and I need to buy more before I can continue on the Chindit project.

These were both frustrating and fun to paint. I wish some of the weapons were more crisply defined, but the faces made up for it.

As for what comes next for the Burma Campaign Konflikt 47/Bolt Action army, I’ve got a few things in mind. From a historical angle, I would like some regular army infantry sections to supplement the special forces of the Chindits. A Tank, probably a Grant/Lee or a Stuart would go nicely with the force.

Korean War - British Commonwealth - Warlord Games
While a bit anachronistic, these would fit well as the regular army units. They would be great for the Konflikt side of things especially!
Bolt Action: British & Canadian Army infantry (1943-45) — Snydepels
Alternatively, these painted with Jungle Greens and converted with short sleeves would also work!
M3 Stuart – Warlord Games Ltd
A Stuart painted in Indian Army colours would be a fitting tank, cheap too! But I won’t run it with all the cheesy options, I promise!
New: M3 Lee & Grant medium tanks - Warlord Games
Alternatively, a Lee would be a great tank too! They soldiered on in Asia and the Pacific for a lot longer then the western front, as Japanese tanks still had trouble with them.

For Konflikt 47 specifically, I have some ideas. While I have already painted a Centurion tank from Warlord, and it will soldier on in the Western Front British armies I have…it’s not as great a model as the new Rubicon offerings. My plan is to buy the MK5/1 kit, which was meant for Vietnam Australians, and backdate the parts on it back to a WW2 era vehicle. While the Centurion missed WW2 by a slim margin in our timeline, it is perfectly fine to field in a K47 army. The modifications on the MK5/1 for the jungle environment will work just as well in Burma as it did in Vietnam. Its ambitious, but that’s the fun of alternate history games!

Centurion MBT Mk 5 / Mk 5/1 (FV4011) Main Battle Tank – Rubicon Models USA
I hope Santa brings me one of these under the tree.
British Centurion 105mm Gun Samples 211005
I have seen a completed build on YouTube, so I know what it actually looks like. It’ll look similar to this, but with a different barrel and some other WW2 addons.

Alongside that, I do want some walkers, to add some additional k47 fun. I’m looing at both the Guardian/Coyote Light Walker and the Grizzly Medium Walker for some Imphal city-fighting. My friends K47 Japanese features an absolutely insane amount of heavily armoured Japanese infantry…I’ll need all the specials toys I can get!

Buy Official Konflikt 47 Allied Grizzly Walker Wargame
This will do nicely…
Allied Coyote/Guardian Light Walker – Warlord Games Ltd
…as would this! Armed with a Flamethrower for dealing with all the nasty K47 gribblies.

But, that is all in the future. For now, I need more then anything primer! Once I get some Russian Uniform spray we’ll be back in business.

Until then, Happy Wargaming wherever you are, and have a great day!

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