A Little Trip: A Fun Weekend at Miniwargaming!

Ah, back in the recording room!

A few months ago, I said I was going to Miniwargaming, a large YouTube battle report channel located in Welland, Ontario. If you don’t know what it is, your probably coming from a more non-GW side of the hobby, but it is a crazy large business! They have been around for years, and as a younger lad I watched their Battle Reports for 40k with great interest as I didn’t get many games in myself.

Now I went a few years ago to film a couple 40k Battle Reports for 8th Edition, but this time I went for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. I brought my Iron Hills. Without giving too much away, the first game was a bit of a slaughter, and not one in Durin’s Folks favour. The second game will probably be in the MWG Vault, a subscription service channel. That game featured my Fellowship running away from the Balrog, trying to get over the Bridge of Khazad Dum!

My 700 point Iron Hills army! A solid force, but lacking in mobility and ranged firepower.
Dwarven Spears vs Uruk Pikes….watch the Battle Report when it comes out to see how this went!
The Iron Hills Ballista didn’t have many targets…

Both games were really fun! I went with a group of 8 guys, and not all of us were filming Battle Reports. The tournament hall has great terrain(but short tables! Tall tables represent!) and we all brought 40k armies to play a tournament ourselves between us.

That tournament didn’t happen, but there were a lot of 40k games played. Myself, I’m a little burnt out on the system. A friend of mine, Kyle, brought his Battletech stuff and so did I. We intended to play a game…

But the interest generated meant we had a few other players from the Clubhouse join us! We recruited two new people to the game, and helped a third get his first game in. The games were multi-hour slugfests, full of the hilarious moments that Battletech is known for!

Patrick, Trevor, Kyle and myself play a tutorial game for the newcomers. One mech each, Solaris 7 style!
Every mech for himself! The Mech on his side has fallen over, due to fire from my Awesome. But I got punished severely for my bullying later!
Our second game after dinner was a more involved affair. Each side had a command mech that had to die. The sides had one Clan player and one Inner Sphere player per side.

We had reservations at a beautiful Brazilian Steak-House called Brasa’s. While I didn’t take any pictures there, being that I was shoving massive amounts of beef and lamb into my face, we did get a great view of Niagara Falls!

The Canadian side of the falls, lit up. You can feel the mist, even this far away!
Walking to our restaurant! Downtown Niagara is very, very pretty. My hands? Very, very unsteady.

Finally, we had crazy nice GW themed rooms. I took pictures of my own room, the Ork Hut. The room feels like its going to give me tetanus, but its all made out of foam!

Apparently these decorations were taken from one of their old recording studios at their old location!
Solid, bunker style fittings make you feel very secure. The rooms are very cozy, but you can rent a much larger Officer’s Suite!
Dakka Dakka Dakka!

All in all, a fun weekend! I had a great time. The team over at Miniwargaming are a great bunch of guys. I always enjoy filming the Battle Reports with them, and now that they do Bolt Action I’m probably going to try and play that next time I go down.

I do have another post coming out today about what game I was convinced to try out, so keep an eye out for it!

Happy Wargaming wherever you are, and have a great day!

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