Lighting a Beacon: I need some help.

Good evening, or morning as it may be for some of you. I’ll keep this brief. I’m not looking for pity as much as solutions, and I really hope that comes across here.

So yesterday I hit my head on a door at work. A silly accident, Benny Hill even. But my heads been in pain since. I went to the hospital this morning. I’ve been diagnosed with a mild concussion. Mild in medical terms is still, apparently, really painful!

Writing this even, with my brightness set as low as possible, is taxing. Audio, however, doesn’t seem to bother me. I’m primarily a visual person, preferring to read. But I can’t right now, and after I’m done typing this I’m going to try and rest.

On top of that, one of my kittens died this morning of leukaemia. Her name was Kiki, a sweet little tortie that I’ll miss dearly despite only having her a couple months. That’s probably the other reason I want a distraction, it’s not a fun thing to think about. She deserved better.

If you feel so inclined, I’d love some podcast or audiobook/drama recommendations. Not being able to talk to my friends or do much is my own personal hell. If I can at least keep my mind busy, I won’t go nuts. At least, not more nuts then I already am!

It’s not a perfect quote to use, but a favourite of mine. My mind is a cage right now.

So thanks for stopping by, if you’ve read all of this. I greatly appreciate you all. Even if you didn’t read it all, I still appreciate you guys. Recommend away! And I’ll check when I can.

Happy wargaming wherever you are, and roll well, friends. This whole thing really kinda is unfortunate. Going to get some rest. I’ll check in later. Head is pounding. Thank you for reading.

17 thoughts on “Lighting a Beacon: I need some help.

  1. Crikey, sorry to hear about this, for both you and Kiki! I’m not a podcast or audiobook sort of person (like you, I like reading a book) but one book I read and really enjoyed was Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding and it’s available as an audiobook from Amazon. It’s the first book in a series of four, but stands up well on its own.

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      1. Waking up for a bit, thanks guys! I appreciate it. Had a couple local folks gimme some recommendations and they aren’t too bad. I can now heartily recommend “Supernova in the East” covering the early stages of the Pacific Campaign.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    I have two recommendations:
    1. Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. Awesome stuff and he has quite a few free ones available.

    2. The Tarzan audiobooks by Edgar Rice Burroughs. If you’ve never read Tarzan, they are brutal and awesome. Well worth anyone’s time in my opinion.


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  3. Sorry to hear about how things have been going. When troubles come they come not as single spies but as whole battalions.

    I am not sure you are in the mood for post-apoc but “We’re Alive” has been the best set of podcast audio theater shows I have listened to. They are overall more optimistic than many other shows of this genre and the characters can grow on you after awhile if you give them a chance. There is a theme of finding light in the darkness that may prove relevant to you.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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  4. Sorry to hear about the concussion and the loss of the little one. That hurts. A podcast I’ve enjoyed is “Welcome to Night Vale.” It’s in the form of news reports from a city with strange, supernatural happenings. It’s quirky and spooky and funny. Not sure if it’s up your (anyone’s) alley, but I often recommend it.

    Hope the recovery is quick and smooth.

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    1. I’ll give it a shot, sounds very interesting actually. Recovery seems OK so far but not being able to look at screens for long is a serious downside. But I can look at them a bit longer every day, so I should be able to get back to normal “soon”!

      Thanks for the recommendation!

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