Paying Any Price: A Return to my Death Korps of Krieg!

A wee tease of what awaits in the article!

So it has been a while since I’ve worked on my rendition of that most zealous and self-sacrificing Regiments, that of the Death Korps of Krieg.

I had a good scheme in mind, but it had a couple flaws. Namely, that the gas-mask conversion I was doing was extremely time consuming, and I had a lot of different colours on the model, adding considerably to the time each model took to paint.

A good scheme, but a pain in the butt to get there!

It also lacked a little bit of that “edge”. I’ll be frank and honest with you, the Death Korps are quite possibly one of the most “edgy” regiments to play, and they are known for unfortunate implications concerning their looks. While I love to point out the numerous French inspirations, they do beat more then a passing resemblance to German WW1 troops as well. That wouldn’t be so bad…

If I didn’t quite literally paint them in SS Oak Leaf camouflage from WW2! This makes that implication far worse, and I tried to downplay it with a few less overtly, say, Nazi touches.

As you will see, I have strayed from that ideal quite a lot. But we’ll get to that later.

Saving me time, and bringing back the classic look? Beautiful.

The gas-mask conversion I was doing was to make it look a bit better, but in my heart I truly just wanted that classic Forge World look. I didn’t want to give up the durability of GW plastic however.

Luckily, Tiny Legend had me covered. They put out a new set of replacement heads that did exactly what I wanted. This saved me a considerable amount of time fixing the masks too! I put 60 on my Mighty build plate, then went for it.

As I have a concussion at the moment, it’s very much a case of how much can I get done before the headache becomes too uncomfortable. So I focused on getting 3 models built as a test, then painting one. Simply enough! And it was!

Oh my. What an improvement! 10/10 would wear during gas drills again.
That classic profile returns! Oh, how I missed it!
It’s crazy how much of an improvement this was. It really saves the kit, and ties it in nicely with the FW releases.
The detail is deep, and as you will see, takes paint well.

I picked the figures kneeling with his bayonet fixed, as it just felt like a powerful pose. The headache had truly begun to arrive by then! So I kept it simple.

Oh geez I went full Dystopian evil guy with this. But it looks so right.

The new scheme uses black-grey much more prominently, and I was keen to get a black helmet on there. It’s a nasty, evil look. But as I like to remind people, the Imperium is literally the worst human regime imaginable, dystopian and rotten. While not everyone in it is necessarily a horrible human being, the Death Korps are not nice.

These are the guys that shelled a rebel city even after it surrendered until no life signs were detected. Noble, heroic Cadians these are not. Starched and stiff Praetorians would turn their nose up at them. The Death Korps are a ruthlessly pragmatic example of weaponized human waste. Fitting then, to have them dress a bit more Wolfenstein then normal.

The gas mask does lend a deeply sinister air to them. Filtered air, to be fair.

The black-grey covering more also cut down on a couple paints. I did the trousers in deep navy blue, a homage to French troops. The turn-backs on the sleeves were done the same way. everything else was painted very similarly to before.

Weathered heavily, this still only took an hour. Even the camouflage pattern, thanks to copying a Sonic Sledgehammer painting tutorial, was easy. The camo was done in less then 10 minutes.

I cannot harp on enough on how much of a difference the mask makes, my goodness.
Set to receive an oncoming cultist charge? Definitely. And he’s done it before.

All in all, a worthwhile evening. Sometimes you just want to paint a bad guy. As long as I’m not painting on SS runes or anything else horrific, he’ll remain a 40k baddie. As it should.

This was a good test to see how much I can and cannot do on my concussion recovery. The new guidelines call for a far sooner return to work and basically encourage doing things until they feel uncomfortable and stopping. As I have a good boss and team, this will not be a problem.

I’m keen to get more of these guys built and painted. Maybe enough to do some 40k styled games of Spectre Operations? Oh yeah, that’s coming soon. Keep an eye out!

Happy wargaming wherever you are, and keep your bayonets fixed and your pace steady! Ave Imperator!

12 thoughts on “Paying Any Price: A Return to my Death Korps of Krieg!

    1. It’s definitely an aggressive paint scheme but I think it works really well! And yeah first full day back at work, new concussion guidelines are to return to normalcy as soon as possible, and do stuff until it’s uncomfortable. Made it almost the whole day! That’s probably a good sign, even if I do have to sleep it off now.

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    1. Steady progress on the concussion front, mostly uncomfortable rather then painful now.

      Honestly I really only paint filthy stuff particularly well, so focusing on the realistic angle works. Perfect is the enemy of Good, and I’d rather have an army on the table faster. It’s also a lot of fun to paint.

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  1. They have come up great. I to have backed this, but only for the models as I do not have a 3D printer. Looking forward to mine arriving.

    Love Billie and the fact that you named her “Cat”! we took on a stray that had been abandoned when some neighbours moved – disgusts me! She was not desexed or microchipped so we could not return her and anyway, she had chosen us but not leaving our doorstep!
    Well you know what happened! A few weeks later she turned out to be pregnant! we have a totally cat enclosed garden so this occurred before we took her on.

    Instead of an extra one we now have seven! We will give them a good start and makes sure they have their Vet checks, inoculations and microchips, then try and find some good homes for them ALL. At least that is the plan. I think SWMBO has secret plans to keep the lot!
    In our Batman games SWMBO always plays Cat Woman for a reason!

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    1. Kittens are honestly a lot of fun. Distracting from hobby time but I’d make that sacrifice every time haha.

      She’ll be a well loved member of the family.

      Don’t feel so bad about having 4 cats if you might have 7! I certainly don’t blame you though, hard to give them up.

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