Vibroknives in the Dark: Imperial Special Forces, expanded!

From Inferno Squad to Storm Commandos, the gangs almost all here!

Almost two years ago, I painted up a squad of Imperial Special Forces for Star Wars: Legion. They were fun, but with games fizzling out, I didn’t touch the game for a while.

That is about to change. My usual Team Yankee opponent seems to have an interest in almost every game I play, which is incredibly convenient. He asked if I also played Legion…which I did, in theory.

I have easily enough to play, but no real idea how. Luckily, I have actually quite a potent force as it turns out, and the Facebook group pointed me in the right direction.

I had purchased a second box of Imperial Special Forces(ISF for short!) as I had read that two boxes was enough to build the named Inferno Squad unit and two generic ISF squads. So out came the clippers, glue, and paint!

Iden Versio now has her full squad to lead!
The squad starts with 1 model, but must attach both Gideon Hask and Del Meeko, functionally making it a 3 person squad. The generic model can be represented by any ISF model. As Gideon Hask must lead the squad, I picked a fairly basically posed model.
Del Meeko comes equipped with a sniper rifle. The classic Star Wars repurposing of real world weapons is very apparent: this DLT-19x is really just a dressed up MG34.
Gideon Hask looks awesome! The E-11 blaster is a redressed Sterling SMG. I have equipped both Hask and Meeko with helmets. The efficient and faceless look dehumanizes them considerably.
Commander Versio leads Inferno Squad in the field! I did change up my painting techniques and specific colours since I painted Iden Versio, luckily, it seems like they look similar enough when on the table.

Of course….now I was on a roll. I had also picked up recently the Black Legion contrast paint, a much deeper black contrast then the original Black Templar contrast paint. To try it out, I decided to paint my Scout Trooper models as Storm Commandos.

Storm Commandos were a unit in old Star Wars legends, raised by Crix Madine, who later defected to the Rebellion over moral concerns. I must have rescued him in various video games during his defection at least twice as a kid.

Crix Madine as a young Imperial Officer
Madine later in life, during the Battle of Endor. He was the gentleman who asked if Solo had his strike team assembled.

Back when he was loyal to the Empire, Madine had formed the unit as the best of the best of the Stormtrooper Corp, to do the raiding of rebel installations and various other tasks that you needed a dagger for, not a hammer.

Artwork of the Storm Commandos varies wildly, but most agree that they are a sinister rendition of the Scout Trooper. If your the artist of this, please let me know so I can credit you properly!

Under his command, they even were known for their ethics, but this deteriorated over time and eventually got bad enough that Madine could no longer abide it. The unit took an ethical nosedive after he defected, becoming just another tool of imperial oppression…if not a bit more subtle than normal.

My take on the Storm Commandos! Past me forgot to clean off the mold lines, but as a test concept I’m very happy with this unit.
I added a red stripe to their one shoulder, a sort of tactical marking.
The contrast paint worked nicely on these models, offering a lot of depth to the otherwise flat black it would be otherwise.
I wanted to keep them mostly black, but they needed a bit of contrasting colour in some places. Still, these are some pretty stealthy miniatures! This Commando has a landmine or demo charge.
The Storm Commandos move out, with a sniper giving them cover.

Now, I did have enough ISF left to build another squad. These went together much the same as my previous squad I did in 2020, but this time I did a yellow squad marking, to contrast with the blue of the previous squad.

These guys don’t have a name yet, nor do my Blue squad. That had to change!
The changed painting style tends to give these newer models a tiny bit more depth, but honestly it’s near impossible to tell. Can you guess which of these was an older model, that just changed out the blue for yellow?
And just to jog your memory, here is the blue squad!

Honestly these ISF models are among the neatest I’ve seen for Legion, and easily my favourite so far!

I did rebase all my Legion models with the new mud texture paint I’m using by MIG, as it’s got the nasty wet mud look. As my collection is almost entirely based on the Mimban Campaign(a muddy trench war in the setting, which we briefly see in Solo, and is mentioned in Andor), the mud needs to look good!

My AT-ST looking suitably more gritty with the addition of more wet Mimbanese mud.
This stuff looks filthy. I love it. Goodbye Stirland Mud!

So, here is all of the Imperial forces for Legion I’ve amassed so far!

A distinct lack of Stormtroopers, I know. That should be coming very soon!

As I got the Blizzard Force battle-force for Christmas, I should be adding a lot to my Mimban Campaign project. I will be adding 3D-printed Imperial Army troopers in their distinctive campaign specific gear as well!

The bloody war over this muddy desolate rock will need all the men the Empire can provide. Luckily, the Legion expansions are no longer nearly as hard to buy.

Finally, my friend Ty over at Hussars and Handgrenades has suggested a counter-insurgency Star Wars campaign using the Spectre Operations rules. I’ve been workshopping in my head combining those tight modern-setting rules with Insurgent Earth’s AI and Reinforcements rules, for a tight, gritty Star Wars feel.

I’m definitely looking forward to fielding the Empires Finest in Legion or any other game I end up using these models for! But, for now, Happy Wargaming wherever you are, and Long Live the Empire!

8 thoughts on “Vibroknives in the Dark: Imperial Special Forces, expanded!

  1. Look fantastic and I love the idea of the Spectre/Insurgent Earth campaign! You original post on Insurgent Earth prompted me to get it for Christmas and I’m in the process of tooling up a resistance cell in 1/35 army men scale to try some missions with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a great game, and I’m glad my post inspired you to get it! I’m itching to play it again, badly.

      Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up! If you have a blog feel free to link it to me, and if your on the Facebook page Stalker7(which covers Zona Alfa and Insurgent Earth), the community is great and can give you some pointers, if needed!


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