Making Time: An Update, after so long…

Pictured: Not enough sleep. Not enough time. But time for a smoke.

It has been forever since I’ve found the energy to do a blog post. I have a lot going on, family wise. My dad, whom I live with since I returned home during the pandemic, isn’t doing too great.

Watching someone waste away, lose motivation, and overall “give up”, isn’t great on one’s mental health. His physical health is failing, in what seems to be a rough, slow, demise. And he could care less about trying to fix it, insisting on working until he dies.

Between this, and my own overall hectic life otherwise, means my blog has taken a backseat. But I enjoyed writing posts here. And I’ve figured, if I can at least try for a weekly post again, it might take my mind off things!

What to post about though? I’ve got a huge amount of stuff I’m working on, and trying to decide what to talk about was driving me crazy.

So for this week, I’ll return to Infinity. Infinity, if your not aware, is a game by Corvus Belli, and features Cyberpunk/Anime inspired models and setting, and a correspondingly fast paced and dynamic game. It’s really fun! I’ve been playing a lot of it recently.

A camo marker hides one of my hidden units, behind a taxi.
In a different game, my Chernobog TAG(think mech) moves up, with a few Line Kazak’s screening it.
The tables are extremely atmospheric and fun to set up. My club has a lot of people pushing hard to get terrain done.

With all of this great terrain and amazing games going on, one cannot leave their models unpainted. And luckily, you don’t need many. I got a couple models painted so far!

The Chernobog TAG, a repurposed mining and industrial vehicle, armed for war. Most TAGs in Infinity are humanoid in shape and also purpose built for war, but my faction is the “make do” bunch. After all, being left alone on a planet with only what they brought with them(21st century tech) means they are playing catch up after 200 years alone.
A Scots Guards infantryman, armed with an SMG and “Panzerfaust”, which is the Infinity name for their one-shot mini AT launcher. Obviously named for the real weapon.
Of all the EU contingents(the Infinity game was made before Brexit, so the timeline assumes a UK that is still in it), the UK’s contribution of most of the Scottish units in the British Army has led to their descendants among the Ariadna faction to take a distinctly Scottish theme. The US, French, and the Russians also contributed forces for the expedition, so units of those nation’s descendants one the planet of Dawn also appear!
The gadget on her belt is the aforementioned Panzerfaust. Rather annoyingly, the sculptors over at Corvus Belli insist on making all the female models have heels/wedges on their boots. Why. Other then that, the models are great!
The model looks fairly mean, SMG at the ready, to hose some poor cyberpunk flavoured goon.

I’m going to shoot to get my models for this game painted at a reasonable clip. Unlike most war-games, you build your list only after seeing the mission, so painting up a specific list is right out. Instead, this frees me to paint up what I want, as I may end up needing it!

It has been an exhausting couple of months. My work is going really well, and I really enjoy the job I do. Really, it’s just my family situation exhausting me that has got me down. But the best way to fight depression in my case seems to be by going through, so while it’s going to be rough for a while, I’ll try to remain chipper and keep posting!

See you guys in the next one! Happy Wargaming wherever you are, and I hope you roll well in your next game!

4 thoughts on “Making Time: An Update, after so long…

  1. Here’s hoping things improve! 🙂 Even painting little bits and blogging short posts can help! I like the minis, particularly the Chernobog TAG! 🙂 Although I’ve never played Infinity I used to follow all the minis released years ago and thought they looked really good. Always enjoy your posts!

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    1. I really missed doing this stuff! I’ll try and work on one more figure today, probably a Scots Guard again now that I’ve gotten the scheme down.

      Appreciate the the comment! The Chernobog I’ll definitely do a full feature on when I have time, as interestingly enough it’s not metal! It’s Siocast, that “not resin, not plastic” stuff. Corvus Belli’s got a bunch of the bigger stuff in that material now.

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  2. As Churchill would say, “When you’re going through hell, keep going!” Rooting for you, and enjoy your posts when they do arrive. I’ve heard lots of good things about Infinity, but have so far only admired it from afar. I generally like slightly larger forces for my wargames (although I say that but then I very much enjoyed Insurgent Earth when I played it—AAR on my blog—which I purchased based on your recommendation here).

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    1. I really appreciate the kind words!

      I’m similar; I enjoy larger amounts of models on my tables as well. But a lot of the smaller model count games offer great gameplay, and less time needed both to prep and play…it’s definitely really tempting.

      I do have another post I want to do, once I get enough energy to do so again. Churchill was definitely a font of good quotes, and the one you picked has definitely kicked me in the butt enough to at least try and get another post out!


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